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In Forget-Me-Not: Myosotis, you create characters, people and stories by the memory left behind after their deaths. Those memories will also die themselves, one day.

With time, a deck of cards, and a writing implement, create entire lives, built from bricks of memories and history. Even with time, those bricks may fall, but the dust they leave behind will remain. At the end of the game, you write a eulogy of the deceased, ending with an epithet, describing them and their life.

This game is considered a journaling game, and as such is best enjoyed with a cup of warm tea, a long afternoon, a typewriter or laptop, and a morbid sense of curiosity and wonder.

CategoryPhysical game
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Tagscharacter-creation, death, journaling-game, lyric-game, Singleplayer, Tabletop role-playing game, writing
Average sessionA few hours
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer


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I got this game in a bundle. It was my 1st experience playing solo games. I honestly enjoyed this game a lot. I always considered myself not very creative but the prompts really make it easier. I felt affection for my character and even hoped that I would mostly pull positive memories they would remember! I loved having to really say goodbye to this character and remember what they went through. Great game, I hope that people will give it a chance and hope that once they play it, they will help them grow.


This is a real strong game for providing closure to character death in either your TTRPG or written works. It has great tools and mechanics for diving in and exploring the life of that character and the impact they may have left behind.

Thank you so much for playing. Beyond honored.


Forget-Me-Not: Myosotis is a solo RPG where you tell the story of a recently deceased through their loved ones' (and possibly enemies') memories. Once they're buried, they're reduced to an epithet, and even that would be one day be forgotten.

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This is an incredibly inspiring game. The questions really made me think and Myosotis helped me with the character creation of a lost relative in a story. It was beautiful to go through the process of journaling down the memories of this individual and see them come alive, even after death.

Thank you for making this.


This comment means so much to me, thank you. Really glad you enjoyed!